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Barrhaven South Dentistry

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
3.2 Stars (68)

129 Riocan Ave, Nepean, ON K2J 5G3, Canada

(613) 825-8900
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Accepting New Patients Financing

Barrhaven South Dentistry Reviews

  • A A Grant 97 days ago 5 Stars Went to the clinic after 3 years and was pleasantly surprised !!! The staffs all helpful and...
  • A Arumugam Thiagarajan 80 days ago 1 Stars I used to love this place. The receptionists Diane and staff were splendid and offered great service....
  • A Ashley C 131 days ago 1 Stars I came in for a cleaning which was done very through, and I was very pleased. I had an appointment to...
  • K Karl Adam 86 days ago 3 Stars I feel the absence of Dr. Li. The void has increased even more since the reception Diane left as well....
  • A Adam Erl 102 days ago 1 Stars I chose South Nepean Dentistry for a dental bridge procedure three years ago. The process was smooth,...


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