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Brentwood Dental Centre

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients
4.9 Stars (416)

4820 Northland Dr NW #121, Calgary, AB T2L 2L4, Canada

(403) 284-3341
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Accepting New Patients


  • S Shelley Franklin 244 days ago 5 Stars I have been coming to Brentwood Dental for many years and have always had a wonderful experience. Many...
  • K Katrina Krogstad 56 days ago 5 Stars I am so grateful for this clinic. I have chronic illness and severe chemical intolerance, and not only...
  • J Jacie Alook 117 days ago 5 Stars Every visit to Brentwood Dental Centre has been exceptional - the staff, the dental services I am...
  • H HEATHER Ramsay 59 days ago 5 Stars We always have a great experience and visit while at Brentwood Dental. Professional and compassionate...
  • A Angela Gorman 35 days ago 5 Stars This is a most wonderful dental practice.. Dr Reid , and each and every one of his staff are fabulous...


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