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Dawson Dental Kitchener

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours, Evenings, Weekends

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.5 Stars (121)

235 Ira Needles Blvd, Kitchener, ON N2N 0B2, Canada

(519) 742-2010
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Accepting New Patients Financing


  • J Jessie MacVicar 43 days ago 5 Stars My first time coming to Dawson and wow, what a great team! From front desk to hygienist to dentist...
  • M Michelle Murray 143 days ago 5 Stars I would recommend Ira Needles Blvd. Kitchener Dawson Dental for all your dental care. Great staff...
  • T Talia Albano 277 days ago 5 Stars This was by far the best and most positive dental experience I have ever had in my adult life. I felt...
  • D D D 329 days ago 5 Stars The folks at Dawson are great. I used to dislike going to the dental office but this changed with the...
  • M Meaghan Scott 111 days ago 5 Stars The staff here are so welcoming, I came In for a root canal and I’ve never felt more at ease. Such a...


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