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Dentalhouse - Liberty Village

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.2 Stars (69)

28 Joe Shuster Way, Toronto, ON M6K 0A3, Canada

(416) 537-5389
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Accepting New Patients Financing


  • J Joyce Powell 50 days ago 5 Stars I was treated with courtesy The doctor took time out to explain all what needed to be done after the...
  • G Geoff Webb 730 days ago 4 Stars For someone with very real and debilitating Dental Phobia/Anxiety the dental staff at Dentalhouse...
  • Z Ziad El Shourbagy 669 days ago 5 Stars Thankful and grateful for the team at Dentalhouse - Liberty Village. I went in to get 2 extractions done...
  • D Diana Wondergem 2570 days ago 5 Stars Even though I was nervous about my root canal, I was happy to realize that the service provided to me...
  • J Jacob Dacey 1200 days ago 5 Stars This is an amazing place to go to! I went for the first time yesterday and it was great! Super friendly...


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