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Fraser Valley Dental Specialists

Periodontics, Orthodontics

4.8 Stars (300)

3033 Immel St #500, Abbotsford, BC V2S 6S2, Canada

(604) 852-5402
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  • D Dana Makara 158 days ago 5 Stars Everyone was so friendly! Dr. Wolk was very nice! Amanda was very kind and thorough, taking the time to...
  • S Shadows 72 days ago 5 Stars As nervous as I was, the gals at the reception were friendly, helpful & polite. I was very impressed...
  • R Rachel Ropponen-Schraml 150 days ago 5 Stars They were very helpful and took me in as soon as they could, which was only a 2 day wait. It was very...
  • S Samuel Findeisen 87 days ago 5 Stars I've lived around the lower mainland and nowadays more than ever it is difficult to book with any...
  • C Clorox Bleach 159 days ago 5 Stars Staff are very friendly and patient! My daughter felt comfortable the whole time we were there. The...


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