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Gladstone Dental

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.7 Stars (229)

6155 North St #405, Halifax, NS B3K 5R3, Canada

(902) 453-6770
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Accepting New Patients Financing


  • A Anthony Power 44 days ago 5 Stars Always excellent service, they are very upfront about costs and will give you the truth on your...
  • L Lisa Hamilton 57 days ago 5 Stars I had an emergency and needed to see my Dentist immediately. I called the office and they made sure I...
  • M MD Lake 40 days ago 5 Stars I was very impressed with my first visit to see Dr. KEIZER. The dental assistant who was with me, Bailey...
  • N Niaj 54 days ago 5 Stars I was skeptical about all the 5 star reviews at first but now I understand why. It was a lovely...
  • C Chris Vasco 26 days ago 5 Stars Even though I dislike going to the Dentist, I would recommend this dentist as all the staff were amazing...


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