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Accepting New Patients Financing
4.4 Stars (697)

175B 52 St. SE, Calgary, AB T2A 5H8, Canada

(403) 984-4426
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Accepting New Patients Financing


  • K KJ Hill 73 days ago 1 Stars All about money and less about patient care. Better hope they do the filing right in the appointment...
  • A Ajoke Longe 144 days ago 5 Stars Go Dental were so friendly and they make me feel comfortable furthermore, everything was explained to me...
  • E Esmeraldo Echano 149 days ago 5 Stars My family and I have been to three different dental clinics. Then we tried Go Dental and definitely...
  • P Patrick Thomson 53 days ago 5 Stars Go Dental always makes a stressful event much better. Everyone is fantastic.
  • A Anthony Thai 45 days ago 5 Stars Usually I'm pretty terrified of the dentist but this place they do a pretty good job. Handled everything...


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