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Pensak Houghton Dentistry

General Dentistry

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.8 Stars (35)

83 Deerpoint Rd SE #202, Calgary, AB T2J 6W5, Canada

(406) 732-1381
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Accepting New Patients Financing

Pensak Houghton Dentistry Reviews

  • L Leah Halvorsen 11 days ago 5 Stars They are great! They are friendly, caring and punctual. They rarely run behind, and provide high...
  • G GARINI studio 32 days ago 5 Stars Dr. Pensak’s dentistry office is one where you feel like you are a part of their practice. They are...
  • A Adam Bowen 38 days ago 5 Stars I have been seeing Dr. Houghton for over 20 years and now my son sees him, he is a fantastic Dentist who...
  • C Cindy Birch 32 days ago 5 Stars Shannon is an excellent hygienist and is very thorough! I made the mistake of changing dentists and I...
  • l lena gorbikova 11 days ago 5 Stars Perfect job, fact that doctor always on time, extremely experienced and knowledgeable ! Front desk stuff...


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