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St. Laurent Dental Centre

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.9 Stars (724)

1200 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8, Canada

(613) 744-6611
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Accepting New Patients Financing

St. Laurent Dental Centre Reviews

  • L Lesley Osborn 89 days ago 5 Stars I have been going to this location for many years now. The staff, hygienists, and Dr. Hudson are...
  • E Emily Cattelan 81 days ago 5 Stars Dr. Hudson is an amazing dentist. He’s very thorough and always does his best to address all our dental...
  • C Carina Boufford 82 days ago 5 Stars Great dentist. He treated our family with kindness and respect while providing excellent care. The...
  • K Kiara Williams-Brown 24 days ago 1 Stars Worst braces experience ever. They put a new kind of bracket on my teeth with doors that no one knew how...
  • E Eraine 163 days ago 5 Stars My dental hygienist was simply wonderful. My mouth is happy. I left the office feeling so fresh. Front...


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