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Toddlers to Teens Dental - Winnipeg

Pediatric, Emergency: Business Hours, Evenings, Weekends

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4.4 Stars (103)

1150 Nairn Ave #1, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0Y5, Canada

(204) 663-9750
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Accepting New Patients Financing

Toddlers to Teens Dental - Winnipeg Reviews

  • K Kelsey Lenaghan 54 days ago 5 Stars My child is on the spectrum and this place has been amazing! They have a play structure and a quiet room...
  • V Vanessa Stewart 147 days ago 5 Stars Just an amazing place with amazing, compassionate staff! Great set up with an indoor play area. More...
  • D Dionne 159 days ago 5 Stars This is my first review on anything, ever! My son, 3, had to be put under anesthetic for some dental...
  • M Mickey Wall 230 days ago 5 Stars Excellent experience for our child. He had multiple cavities filled for the first time and were so...
  • T Tess Thorsteinson 224 days ago 5 Stars I have been taking the kids here for a few years now. My daughter experienced her first filling last...


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