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4 Myths Around Having a Tooth Pulled

Posted Oct 29th, 2021 in Anesthesia, Dental treatments, News, Oral Surgery, Sedation

4 Myths Around Having a Tooth Pulled

Some dread visiting their dentist for a tooth extraction. But there are some myths about the procedure that may be causing this fear. Here, we clear up your misconceptions. 

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

During a tooth extraction (sometimes called "pulling teeth"), we surgically remove one or more damaged, crowded, or improperly placed teeth. These issues can cause pain poo0r oral health, leaving extraction as your best bet. There is no reason to fear the extraction procedure. 

What are some myths about tooth extractions?

Here are some myths about the procedure:

1. Having a tooth pulled is painful.

One of the most common misconceptions about extractions is that you will feel pain during the procedure. This is simply no longer the case. Anaesthesia, technology and dental techniques have all evolved over time to help minimize pain.

2. Tooth extractions are common.

This is also untrue. Dentists try to avoid extracting teeth in favour of preventive, less invasive, treatments since extraction may result in dental issues (such as misalignment) or the need for future treatments.

Unless a tooth is seriously damaged, infected or otherwise beyond repair, alternatives are often recommended. Sometimes, however, extraction isn't avoidable.

3. It will take a long time to recover.

While you may imagine having to cancel appointments for some time following the procedure, this isn't necessary. You should fully recover within 3-4 days and be able to return to work or school.

If the extraction was complex, recovery may take up to a week. To help speed your recovery, stick to soft foods and avoid strenuous activity or smoking. 

Ask your dentist about other after-care instructions that help to promote healing, reduce pain and prevent the tooth socket from becoming infected.

4. Everyone needs their wisdom teeth pulled.

While you may hear often about people between 17 and 25 needing wisdom teeth extractions, there are instances where this procedure isn't recommended. Sometimes, wisdom teeth will emerge without causing harm or damage to the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

To find out whether you need your wisdom teeth removed ask your dentist at your next checkup appointment.

Are you worried about an upcoming tooth extraction procedure?

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