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Academy Dental Group

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.9 Stars (525)

435 Academy Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0C2, Canada

(204) 925-6800
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Accepting New Patients Financing

Academy Dental Group Reviews

  • K Kathy Mac 39 days ago 5 Stars I absolutely love these guys! The staff are really friendly. They are always smiling and ask you how...
  • M Meghan Evans 24 days ago 2 Stars Recently there have been changes to the way they run their business. Unclear if they have fully sold or...
  • A Anjeli Zaballero 130 days ago 5 Stars I recently just started my dental journey at Academy Dental and although I have not been a longtime...
  • W WILL HALFTOWAITE 75 days ago 5 Stars Being as i don't like dentists, but have been dealing with them for years. It's nice that they are fully...
  • S Svetlana H 48 days ago 5 Stars Going with my family of three to Academy Dental for regular checkups and treatments for almost 10...


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