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Southwood Dental Studio - Southdale (Jalna)

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.3 Stars (52)

395 Southdale Rd E, London, ON N6E 1A2, Canada

(519) 686-3683
  • EN English
  • AR Arabic
  • HI Hindi
  • PA Punjabi
  • TL Tagalog
Accepting New Patients Financing


  • R Rania Rasmussen 141 days ago 2 Stars The staff at Southwood dental have been okay to deal with, there is a high turn over, so the experience...
  • K Kevin Alexander 540 days ago 5 Stars awesome dental office...i have been going to this dental clinic for years and have never been...
  • w wendi waters 554 days ago 5 Stars Had a restoration and tooth removed today by amazing dentist and assistant. Firstly Southwood took me...
  • T Thomas Hitchens 583 days ago 5 Stars I have had nothing but positive experiences the (now) three times I've been to Southwood Jalna in the...
  • A Aaron Thomas 745 days ago 5 Stars The dentist was never a place that I enjoyed until I came to Southwood Dental. Anytime I visit, it’s an...


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