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Crescent Oral Surgery - Toronto

Periodontics, Emergency: 24 Hours

Accepting New Patients Financing
4.7 Stars (417)

1940 Eglinton Ave E Suite 500, Toronto, ON M1L 4R1, Canada

(416) 752-5222
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Accepting New Patients Financing

Crescent Oral Surgery - Toronto Reviews

  • E Evgenia Khilov 14 days ago 1 Stars I recently experienced a series of challenges with the administrative service at the clinic, which...
  • V Vysh M 60 days ago 5 Stars Would recommend this place over and over again to anyone! An absolute 11/10 experience! Nurse Ellen...
  • E Elizabeth Howell 75 days ago 5 Stars I had a wonderfully stress free experience. The staff and my surgeon was very pleasant and...
  • G Gwen Blakeley 110 days ago 5 Stars I was treated with respect and the utmost of care by every staff person I spoke to. Instructions for at...
  • E Eagle Yige Huang 38 days ago 5 Stars I had my daughter's wisdom teeth removed, four at a time!!! Dr. Rittenberg and his staff were very...


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