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Thompson River Dental

General Dentistry, Emergency: Business Hours

4.8 Stars (80)

546 St Paul St #435, Kamloops, BC V2C 5T1, Canada

(236) 425-1500
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Thompson River Dental Reviews

  • B Brian Nelles 75 days ago 5 Stars They do a great job every visit, always doing everything to ensure a comfortable experience. Thank you...
  • M M T 215 days ago 5 Stars Very thorough, efficient and effective. The cleaning of my teeth was excellent. The communication of the...
  • A Accurate Window Cleaning 827 days ago 5 Stars Dr. Summers and her team are incredible. She has been the one dentist I go to for the last ten years,...
  • L LLD Weisser 110 days ago 5 Stars Dr. Sunny and his team ensured my experience (bridge replacement) was without discomfort, and done in...
  • B Brandys91 67 days ago 1 Stars Most incompetent front desk I’ve ever had to deal with. It takes days to get through to them on the...


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